The Best Patterns in Colored Manicure and How to Apply

By | March 13, 2021

They say the age should be concealed in the face, but what about the hands? Hands still say the facts, so we’ve got to make a special effort to take care of them. That’s why we want to warn you about the latest patterns in colored manicures, because you’re really looking for young paws.
Colored Manicure and Nail Styling
Depending on your style and the season we are in, we choose one kind of color or another.
Colors in Pastel
They’re right for summer; pastel shades are the kings of all spring-summer styles. Both clothes, shoes, and manicure. Not just the popular and typical beige, nude or pink colors, but you can play with the whole pastel color palette.

Vivid Colors Colors
If you’re a bold girl, you can’t ignore the usual vivid and striking colours. And it’s not going to be any different this year. The colour that stands out the most is red, but it is important not to place limits on other colours. You may also dare to use fluorine tones, which would be back.
Gold and Metal
The metallic tones of the enamels will make you stand out. Highlight the golden hue, as it has a more discreet and elegant shine.

In these metallic results, soft and pastel shades are also present to add a touch of simplicity to your manicure. This metal look is still a symbol of beauty. The Essence Brushed Metals Nail Polish is recommended.
These are a couple of the latest patterns. Now, if you want to know how to apply the colored manicure properly, keep reading!
How should you apply the perfect Colored Manicure?
Before explaining how to do a colored manicure, it’s important to know that we’re not just talking about nail painting when we talk about hand care.

Submit and file the serums
Now that we have well-groomed hands ready to do a manicure, it is best to use nail and cuticle serums, fillets, nail scissors, and polishers that do not hurt them, among others.
Whether you’re between chopping it or filing it? It’s best to file them so you can give your nails a colour that matches your look, because if you skipped them, you couldn’t fix them if you weren’t comfortable with the outcome.
Shape the nail
As we said before, in order to start with our manicure, we need to form the nail so that the corners of the pins are squared and do not grab.
We’re also hydrating the nails; with this, we’re going to add a base based on what the nails are.

Apply to the Polish
And now comes the most difficult part for both of us, picking a color what’s your favorite thing?
When adding paint, it is advised that you start using the enamel in the middle and attempt not to touch the cuticle, and if you see it is appropriate to add another layer of enamel.
Use a drying oil
To finish with our manicure, it will be enough to use a drying oil to give our nails a special shine, in addition to drying them in record time.
We hope this article about the ideal colored manicure has been helpful and invites you to visit our online perfume shop and purchase our items with the highest value for money.

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