Outstanding Android OS Skins from 2022

By | July 26, 2022

The Linux kernel served as the foundation for the open-source platform known as Android. The majority of Android’s components are open-source, allowing anyone to alter them as they see fit. This platform is nonetheless more flexible than its cousin thanks to iOS app development, thus it isn’t any less safe.
Because Android OS is highly customizable, the majority of phone manufacturers modify the original code and add features that suit their preferences.

The Android-based operating systems, sometimes known as “android skins,” have been observed in the smartphone industry in a variety of different forms.
This article discusses the top android skins of 2022 and explains why they were so well-liked by the general public.


One of the best Android skins currently offered is OxygenOS, which was created by OnePlus. This platform is free of bloatware and resembles the Android OS quite a bit. It is dependable and provides frequent updates. Many people consider this OS’s ability to fully customize for users to be its best feature. This Android skin makes use of minimalism and contains small icons and graphics. Among the many features of the skin are the screen-on/screen-off gestures and the dark mode.OxygenOS underwent a significant modification as a result of the recent merger of OnePlus and OPPS, a different smartphone brand owned by the parent firm BBK Electronics. OnePlus stated that it is fusing OPP’s ColorOS with its own OxygenOS core. Some fans find it disappointing since OxygenOS is allegedly compared to ColorOS in terms of features and appearance.

Samsung One UI

Not because Samsung released the Galaxy Note 9, S9, S9+, A6, A6+, J6, J8, J7, J3, J4, and Samsung Galaxy S light Luxury in 2018, but rather because the company’s developers made a significant statement regarding their new Samsung One UI release. The initiative was bold, and many Samsung enthusiasts praised it.
Samsung One UI features a unique design and feel. Edge illumination, contoured corners, and an outstanding move-to-wake feature are all present. This skin is one of the fastest and most stable since the user interface enables gesture control of the smartphone.

Android UI

Stock The majority of Android users prefer the Android UI, which is the platform’s most basic version. The majority of experts agree that users should utilise as-stock-as-possible since it will make it easier for them to choose between phones even if this UI is stock, meaning that it is the core of Android without any added extras.


Xiaomi, a Chinese company, has created its own MIUI. Xiaomi smartphones have Android UI on the international models, but MIUI on the Chinese models.
The Android skin has received praise from smartphone aficionados all over the world for its feature-rich and simple user interface.
On devices that support multitasking, users of MIUI are able to utilize two apps simultaneously. A floating window that can be opened and closed with a single tap is one of the multitasking features.


As was already established, OPPO features a unique ColorOS that is an amazing android skin in and of itself. A simple, user-friendly interface is provided by ColorOS. The UI has a beautiful appearance thanks to its thin, elite-looking interface.
In addition to being user-friendly, ColorOS has its own features, such as a dark mode that is derived from vanilla Android.
Although this Android skin includes some bloatware that often causes the phone to function poorly, developers are working around the clock to repair it.

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